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PhNóva opera en el sector de las materias primas para la aplicación del área de suplementos alimenticios y dispositivos médicos.

Our company delivers to companies worldwide. Besides shipments to Zeeland we also ship Superoxide Dismutase to Kleve, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Wesel, Zwolle, Venlo, Amersfoort, Borken, Eindhoven, Moers, Furth, Hagen, Utrecht, Krefeld, Duisburg in NL for example.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Can be used for

  • Osteoarthritis. Offering superoxide dismutase with a needle within the joint assists to decrease pain in individuals with osteo arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid joint inflammation (RA). Giving superoxide dismutase with a needle within the joint really helps to lessen torment and stiffness in most people with RA.
  • Cognitive Incapacity
  • Joint inflammation
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Stress and anxiety fatigation
  • Heart
  • Physical recuperation
  • Sport Performance along with recuperation
  • VISION CONDITION (Cataracts).

About the Product


Nowadays the only plant utilized to source SOD is melon. Analyzes performed at the Industrial Chemistry Lab of Bologna College permitted to quantify the quantity of SOD in a number of plants. Based on the results of these experiments, it is clarified that carrots have a SOD content much greater than other plants and 10x compared to SOD in melon.

En particular, Superox-D es:

  • Actividad SOD > 11.000 U/gramo;
  • kcat ~ (número de radicales de superóxido inactivados por segundo).

Superoxide Dismutase: Medical Application

SOD has actually long been utilized to treat some inflammatory based condition such as the therapy of osteo arthritis, athletics injuries, and knee joints arthrosis. SOD is extensively put into action in items protecting you against the cardiovascular disease likelihood and even additionally is a photo-protection against UV generated problems.

SOD is also utilized in veterinary clinic applications to relieve the soft cells inflammations in horses and pets.

  • continuous swelling of the bladder;
  • monitoring of some neoplastic disease;
  • inflammatory ailment;
  • management of osteo arthritis.

Superoxide Dismutase: Food Supplements Applications

Superóxido Dismutasa es  greatly  chosen en comida suplemento:

  • a  safeguarding el ADN  como bien como  parada  several condiciones  asociado con oxidante estrés;
  • a  deal con el  no deseado en ROS  generated  a través de  sporting activity;
  • a improve el cognitivo faculties  como bien como  tensión  monitoring.


Nuestro proceso es 100% natural: sin químicos ni aditivos.



Superox-D es 100% RAW, un ingrediente no procesado y sin conservantes.


Sano y antioxidante

Suplemento alimenticio saludable extraído de las zanahorias


Aplicación veterinaria

Superox-D se usa para tratar inflamaciones en caballos y perros


Patente protegida

Superox-D se produce bajo un proceso protegido por patente


100% Hecho en Italia

Todo el proceso se hace en Italia

Thanks to our consolidated professional experience in the sector and having long-term collaboration with the Italian providers, PhNòva assures help in the formula and the application of Food supplements and medical devices utilizing just resources made in Italy.

Our Technical Group is committed to helping you in all your project actions.

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Set up in 2015, PhNóva is a biochemicals supplier operating in the market of the raw materials for Food supplement and Medical Device application.

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