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PhNóva operates in the sector of the raw materials for Food supplement and Medical Device Area application.

PhNóva supplies clients worldwide. Besides deliveries to Hagen we also deliver Superoxide-Dismutase (SOD) orders to Furth, Viersen, Hamm, Hagen, Mönchengladbach, Venlo, Heinsberg, Krefeld, Moers, Heerlen, Furth, Duisburg, Düren, Aachen, Mettmann, Oberhausen in DE as an example.

SOD Nutraceutical Benefits

  • Osteoarthritis. Giving superoxide dismutase with a needle into the joint helps to decrease discomfort in people with osteo arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Giving superoxide dismutase with a needle within the joint benefits to weaken suffering as well as stiffness in a lot of people with RA.
  • Cognitive Disadvantages
  • Inflammatory reaction
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Tension overtiredness
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Physical recuperation
  • Sporting activity Performance as well as recuperation

Main Features


Nowadays the only plant utilized to source SOD is melon. Analyzes done at the Industrial Chemistry Lab of Bologna College allowed to evaluate the amount of SOD in a number of plants. Based on the outcomes of these researches, it is proven that carrots have a SOD content much greater than various other plants and 10x compared to SOD in melon.

In particular, Superox-D is:

  • SOD Activity > 11.000 U/gram;
  • kcat ~ (number of superoxide radicals inactivated per second).

Superoxide Dismutase: Medical Application

SOD has actually long been used to relieve some inflammatory based problem such as the management of osteo arthritis, sports injuries, and knee joints arthrosis. SOD is thoroughly put to use in products protecting the cardiovascular disease chance and in addition is a photo-protection from UV generated injuries.

SOD is at the same time utilized in veterinary clinic applications to care for the soft tissue inflammations in horses as well as pets.

  • constant swelling of the bladder;
  • monitoring of some neoplastic illness;
  • inflammatory illness;
  • control of osteo arthritis.

Superoxide Dismutase: Food Supplements Applications

Superoxide Dismutase is  generally  utilized in food  supplementation:

  • to protecting the DNA and  avoid  several conditions related to oxidative stress;
  • to counteract the excess on ROS produced  throughout  sporting activity;
  • to  enhance the cognitive faculties  as well as  tension  monitoring.


Our procedure is 100% natural: no chemicals and no additions.



Superox-D is 100% RAW, non-processed ingredient, and no preservatives


Healthy and Antioxidant

Healthy food supplement extracted from carrots


Veterinary application

Superox-D is used to treat inflammations in horses and dogs


Patent protected

Superox-D is produced under a Patent Protected process


100% Made in Italy

Entire process is made in Italy

Thanks to our consolidated professional experience in the market and having long-term partnership with the Italian distributors, PhNòva ensures aid in the solution and the execution of Food supplements and medical devices making use of only basic materials made in Italy.

Our Technical Team is devoted to aiding you in all your project actions.

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Launched in 2015, PhNóva is a biochemicals vendor operating in the marketplace of the raw products for Food supplement and Medical Device application.

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