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PhNóva operates in the sector of the raw materials for Food supplement and Medical Device Area application.

Our company ships to organizations worldwide. Besides shipments to Venlo we are also able ship Superoxide Dismutase orders to Furth, Hagen, Hagen, Viersen, Hamm, Mönchengladbach, Krefeld, Moers, Heinsberg, Duisburg, Wesel, Kleve, Eindhoven, Oberhausen, Furth, Zeeland as an example.

SOD Usage

  • Osteoarthritis. Providing superoxide dismutase with a needle right into the joint aids to lower discomfort in individuals with osteo arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid joint inflammation (RA). Giving superoxide dismutase with a needle into the joint really helps to reduce distress plus tightness in lots of people with RA.
  • Cognitive Issue
  • Inflammation ofthe joints
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Tension exhaustion
  • Heart
  • Physical recovery
  • Sporting Performance and also recovery
  • OPTIC CONDITION (Cataracts).

Main Features


Nowadays the only plant made use of to source SOD is melon. Analyzes performed at the Industrial Chemistry Lab of Bologna University enabled to evaluate the amount of SOD in a number of plants. Based on the outcomes of these researches, it is determined that carrots have a SOD content much higher than other plants and also 10x inned comparison to SOD in melon.

In particular, Superox-D is:

  • SOD Activity > 11.000 U/gram;
  • kcat ~ (number of superoxide radicals inactivated per second).

Superoxide-Dismutase: Medical Application

SOD has long been applied to relieve some inflammatory derived condition such as the management of osteo arthritis, athletics injuries, and also knee joints arthrosis. SOD is thoroughly put into action in products reducing the cardiovascular disease risk and even furthermore is a photo-protection against UV induced damages or injuries.

SOD is also made use of in veterinary clinic applications to relieve the soft tissue inflammations in ponies as well as dogs.

  • constant infection of the bladder;
  • management of various neoplastic illness;
  • inflammatory health issue;
  • control of osteo arthritis.

Superoxide-Dismutase: Food Supplements Applications

Superoxide-Dismutase is  extensively  chosen in food  vitamin supplements:

  • to protecting the DNA and prevent  several  problems  associated with oxidative stress;
  • to  combat the  unwanted on ROS  created during  sporting activity;
  • to  boost the cognitive  professors  as well as  anxiety  administration.


Our procedure is 100% natural: no chemicals and also no additions.



Superox-D is 100% RAW, non-processed ingredient, and no preservatives


Healthy and Antioxidant

Healthy food supplement extracted from carrots


Veterinary application

Superox-D is used to treat inflammations in horses and dogs


Patent protected

Superox-D is produced under a Patent Protected process


100% Made in Italy

Entire process is made in Italy

Thanks to our combined specialist experience in the industry and also having long-term partnership with the Italian suppliers, PhNòva assures assistance in the formula and also the execution of Food supplements and also medical devices using just basic materials made in Italy.

Our Technical Team is devoted to assisting you in all your job steps.

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Founded in 2015, PhNóva is a biochemicals service provider operating in the world of the raw products for Food supplement and also Medical Device applications.

Consult with us for virtually any questions you might possibly have. We will certainly be happy to help you.

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